Masks for soft lips


The best home look after lips - masks of food and other organic components: you have all to do a lips gentle and bright.

The mask of flesh sweet red apple moisturizes, nourishes and softens lips peeled clove of fresh red apple rub on a small grater, mash 1 tsp gruel with teaspoonful softened the butter for Fifteen minutes and is used to the lips. Remove the paint mixture is moist cotton swab.

Can be used not alone Red apple, but also ripe bananas, apricots, gooseberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, beets, cucumbers and other fresh fruits and fresh vegetables in season - they all keep a similar capacity, and the lip is very helpful.

Good and simple massotherapy chunks of fresh vegetables and fruits. Sliced recent cucumber, watermelon, melon, strawberry, ripe banana, kiwi or other strawberries for 5-10 minutes in a circular motion gently massage a skin of lips.

Nourishing and softening mask fat cheese. Curds (? Tsp.) rubbed with fluid (1 teaspoonful) and a thick layer of the mix is used to the lips. Keep 15 minutes, wash out off with soft water and smeared lips fat fluid or Vaseline. You can not just mix a cheese with the cream, but with milk, low-fat sour fluid, vegetable oil, recent beet breeding juice, carrot or cucumber.

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