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Every girl 18 years old wants as long so potential to stay prettily, but not all admit it. As, with age, we do not get more fine and good: the skin begins to wither and fade, there are skin wrinkles, bags and darkness circles under his eyes, and admire yourself in the mirror, however it were, no longer require.

Perhaps presently is not only in age, how well however wrinkles and age spots began to appear even in more young gerls, and is of considerable importance are the conditions in which we live. Our grandmothers, although in life, they had a lot of difficulties, otherwise fed, you had any routine, they were breathing clean air and drinking clean water. We just go out in the big city, immediately get into a hostile environment, and the sun is presently also a "other" - the rays are not heartwarming, and Sears, and all because the atmosphere of a planet has not changed for a better.

List a environmental factors can be long - we will try to tell you how to save your face in these circumstances - it stay attractive and beautiful similar, no question what.

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Almond Peeling: indications and contraindications. Procedure and effect


Almond peeling is used to treat and rejuvenate the skin. Also, it is no less efficacious against face aging hands and decollete. Later a procedure, almond peeling polish great wrinkles, improve skin texture, fade age spots and activates cell renewal...

Care about normal face: wash, softening, moisturizing and nourishing

However to accurately care about normal face how long so possible to keep it healthy and great To soften, moisturize and nourish the skin is desirable to apply a light non-greasy serum. Put it on the massage lines. To clear a ordinary face in the reasonable and evening, you can apply homemade lotions...

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Acne Cover for oily skin


Prevents acne cover with herbs and zinc powder. Chopped green mint and cilantro (1 soup spoon) assorted with a some cold-blooded water, add the zinc powder, stir and use for 15 minutes on the issue areas. Rinse with cool aqua.

If the facial skin is struck by acne and acne, it is indispensable to make protein-camphor cover: to add the whipped egg white camphor alcohol (10-15 drops), and a little grapefruit juice. Use cover to the face, and hold until dry. A resulting film is washed off with aqua at rooms temperature.

Cover with peppermint and starch refreshes and tones oily skin, giving it a lightness matte finish. Recent mint leaves are crushed, pour raw materials (3 tbsp) cups of boiling water, cover and leave for Thirty minutes.

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Masks for gentle lips


The best home care for lips - covers of diet food and other organic components: they enjoy all to do a lips soft and bright.

The cover of flesh confection red apple moisturizes, nourishes and softens lips peeled clove of recent apple rub on a small grater, mash with a spoon 1 teaspoonful gruel with tsp softened a butter for Fifteen minutes and is used to the lips. Remove a paint mixture is moist cotton swab.

May be used not alone Apple, but as well big bananas, apricots, gooseberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, beets, cucumbers and other fruits and raw vegetables in season - you all have a similar capacity, and a lip is very good.

Helpful and simple massotherapy chunks of fresh vegetables and fruits. Sliced recent cucumber, watermelon, melon, strawberry, big banana, kiwi or other fruit for 5-10 min in a circular motion gently massage the skin of lips.

Nourishing and softening mask fat curds. Cottage cheese (? Tsp) rubbed with cream (1 teaspoon) and a thick layer of a mixture is applied to the lips. Keep Fifteen minutes, sluice off with warm water and smeared lips fat cream or Vaseline. You can not just blend a cottage cheese with the serum, but with natural milk, short-fat sour fluid, vegetable oil, sweet beet nectar, carrot or cucumber.

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Moisturizing Face


Moisturizing a skin - as well an great step, so it turns out that, in preserving a beautiful there is nothing unimportant. When a face is good hydrated, it is much later skin wrinkle - this also applies to men. The female body is more than 2/3 of the h2o, however when cells lose it, the elasticity of the facial skin is as well lost, it is covered with wrinkles and aging.

Use best moisturizer for you, but do not forget that a face and moisture gets inside - so well however food.

You may have heard that we need drink more pure h2o - it is true. Of course, do not fill with aqua "to a back of the head," but some 2-2.5 liters per day to drink stands, and even replace milk, coffee and soft drinks herbal teas, sweet extract and organic compote.

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Almond Peeling: indications and contraindications. Proceedings and capacity


Almond peeling is used to treat and rejuvenate the facial skin. As well, it is no less active against face aging hands and decollete. Later a proceedings, almond peeling shine lovely wrinkles, improve skin texture, fade age spots and activates cell renewal...

Care for normal skin: washing, softening, moisturizing and nourishing

As to meticulously care for ordinary facial skin however long as possible to keep it healthy and beautiful To soften, moisturize and nourish the skin is desirable to use a lightness non-greasy cream. Put it on a massotherapy lines. To clear a normal facial skin in the satisfying and evening, It is possible to apply homemade lotions...

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Masks, pores


Excellent pores cover with egg white. Protein need be beaten to a froth, add the dry white red (1 spoon), mix up and use the mixture on a face for 10 minutes. Rinse with cold h2o.

Mature female skin cleans and dries a cover of eggs white and natural honey (1 teaspoonful) and flour - potato or millet. To beaten egg add natural honey and floury to form a paste, which is so applied to a skin for Fifteen minutes.

Egg whites are frequently used in masks for combination skin. Cover with him and dandelion prevents inflammation and acne. It is necessary to closely grind fresh dandelion leaves, and mix up 3 tbsp weight with beaten egg.

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