Covers for mild lips


The best home care for lips - covers of food and other organic components: you get everything to create a lips soft and bright.

The mask of flesh candy apple moisturizes, nourishes and softens lips peeled clove of sweet big apple rub on a little grater, bruise 1 tsp. Gruel with teaspoonful softened butter for 15 minutes and is used to a lips. Remove a paint mixing is moist cotton swab.

Can be used not only Red apple, but also big bananas, apricots, gooseberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, beets, cucumbers and other fresh fruits and fresh vegetables in season - they all keep a similar effect, and a lip is much effective.

Good and simple massage chunks of fresh vegetables and fruits. Sliced sweet cucumber, watermelon, melon, strawberry, medium banana, kiwi or other berries for 5-10 minutes in a circular motion gently massotherapy the face of lips.

Nourishing and softening cover fat curds. Cheese (? Tsp) rubbed with fluid (1 teaspoonful) and a thick layer of a mixture is applied to a lips. Keep 15 minutes, wash off with soft h2o and smeared lips fat cream or Vaseline.

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Look after problem skin


Most ofttimes, the problem is young skin - here we mean a tendency to the formation of acne and blackheads. A skin requires constant cleaning to it could clog a pores and become inflamed. Hot water, so normal, it is not necessary to sluice - this salootdelenie becomes more intense, and the pores of the facial skin increases.

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Means of purifying a face - it's not makeup remover. We can remove a makeup cosmetic serum or natural milk - cosmetics and dirt accumulated upon the time to dissolve, but the skin is not cleaned - it remains component items containing oil-based. To cleanse a skin want pick mild cleanser - gels, foams, mousses, even just a breakfast meal - they are also perfectly clear face. As, after you keep removed the makeup, wash with clean out water, using a selected cleanser - consummate water yet nothing came up. Do not use soap, except when it is recommended by a experts - from his skin may get darker, clean out a facial skin twice every day, and never touch a skin with dirty hands.

Several minutes a year, try to visit great salons and do a deep exfoliation of a skin. At home, too, do not forget this: enough money today - both purchased and home.

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Folk remedies for peeling facial skin


And of course, the easiest and safest method to stay popular recipes.

Simple proceedings: Mix natural honey and water, and of the cleansing to massage a facial skin with circular motions, wetting his hands in this solution - this way exfoliate dead skin cells. Following a person want rinse with clean out water, wet and immediately apply moisturizer.

Very great peel cover with milk and butter. It is required to make corn with milk, combine 1 soup spoon hot porridge with honey and butter (olive) butter (1 tsp), and apply this mixing on the face, however if gently rubbing. Hold for 10-Fifteen minutes and rinse with hot water.

It is possible to not apply cooked oatmeal, and just grind them in a coffee grinder. A ingredients are mixed to 1 tsp.: olive oil, natural honey, crushed cereal, and egg yolks, the mix is used to a skin - a circular, massaging gently, hold for 15 minutes and sluice off with heartwarming water.

Homemade scrubs, unlike many purchased, do not hurt the face.

It is possible to apply the green tea leaves with a beautiful black milk, coffee grounds, however well how red apple slices, cucumber, watermelon, rubbing the face on the massotherapy lines.

A a little piece of white bread soaked in natural milk, also cleans a face: pulp from it is used to the face and Carefully wash off of the 20 minutes with coldness h2o.

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Masks against flaking


Masks with raw vegetables as well helps with beautiful flaky facial skin. Ground corn mixed in equal parts with carrots, grated on a beautiful grater, diluted milk and cause the resulting slurry to a facial skin. Hold for 20 minutes and wash off with warm water.

Carrots can be replaced with grated raw potatoes, and milk - chicken egg. It is possible to also blend a grated cucumber with sour fluid, cream, or yogurt, pulp of ripe banana, olive oil, etc. When a mask is water-washed off, a moisturizer is ever used to damp skin.

In winter, the mask should be done carefully, using fats, dairy items, egg yolks, and vitamin.

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Masks, pores


Excellent pores cover with eggs white. Protein should be beaten to a froth, add to a very dry white white wine (1 tablespoon), blend and apply the mixture on your skin for 10 min. Rinse with cold aqua.

Mature dry face cleans and dries a mask of egg white and natural honey (1 tsp.) and mealy - murphy or buckwheat. To beaten eggs add to honey and floury to shape a paste, which is then applied to a face for Fifteen minutes.

Egg whites are often used in masks for combination skin. Mask with him and dandelion prevents inflammation and acne. It is required to attentively mash with a spoon sweet dandelion leaves, and mix up 3 tbsp mass with beaten egg.

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Masks against flaking


Peeling removes decoction of flax seeds 2 tbsp. Seeds with cold water (TWO cups) and make until you get a paste. Then the bisque is filtered, cooled and used to a skin, hold for 20 min and Thoroughly wash off with soft water.

If you have dry, flaky, pale face and helps mask with mustard oil. Butter - 1 tbsp, mustard - 1 teaspoon, blend and add a small stewing water, apply a mix on your face for 5 minutes, so rinse with hot h2o. If the facial skin is fading, It is possible to just put on face mustard - for 4-5 min, and then sluice immediately use a nourishing cream.

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