Covers for gentle lips


Best home care about lips - covers of food and other organic components: they get everything to make the lips mild and bright.

A mask of flesh candy apple moisturizes, nourishes and softens lips peeled clove of fresh apple rub on a little grater, mash 1 tsp. Porridge with teaspoon softened butter for 15 minutes and is applied to the lips. Remove a paint mixture is moist cotton swab.

Can be used not only Red apple, but as well medium bananas, apricots, gooseberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, beets, cucumbers and other fresh fruits and fresh vegetables in season - you all have a similar capacity, and a lip is very helpful.

Useful and simple massotherapy chunks of raw vegetables and fresh fruits. Sliced good cucumber, watermelon, melon, strawberry, big banana, kiwi or other berries for 5-10 min in a circular motion gently massage a skin of lips.

Nourishing and softening cover fat cheese. Cheese (? Teaspoonful) rubbed with cream (1 teaspoonful) and a thick layer of a mixing is applied to a lips. Keep 15 minutes, wash out off with hot water and smeared lips fat cream or Vaseline.

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Covers for cleansing combination skin


To cleanse combination facial skin to a few minutes a week to create a cover with corn and protein. Crushed flakes (1 cup) mix with baking protein (1 soup spoon), and use 1 tbsp the mixture, stirring it in cool water. Slurry is used to damp skin, gently massage 1-2 minutes, then keep this mask for about the size of 10 minutes. Removed with a cotton swab, soaking them in cold water.

More simple version - the cover of drugstore tincture of calendula and common child powder - before it was sold in the drugstore. Powderise (1 soup spoon) assorted with calendula, make a thick paste and use it on a face for 15 minutes. Removed in the same technique as a previous mask.

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Honey Cover of skin wrinkles around a eyes


The cover of honey and rice for dry face and wrinkles. It is required to good mix TWO tablespoon ground oatmeal with TWO tbsp natural honey and 1 soup spoon strong milk, append a small aqua and gently heating the mixture in a h2o bath. The mask is applied to the facial skin around the skin eyes and on his face, in the shape of warmth, lay down and lay on top of the wiper. Keep 20 min, so washing off with heartwarming aqua and used to a face time serum, which is normally used.

Mask with the yolk of the skin wrinkles around the eyes


Cover with chicken egg nourishes the skin and also skin wrinkles. Yolk assorted with a nectar of 1/2 a lemon, chopped zest and 1 tsp of olive butter. The mix was applied to the skin around a eyes for Thirty minutes then remove soaked in cool natural milk cosmetic discs.

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Covers for Skin Rejuvenation


For the production of anti-aging covers from herbs should to put equal parts of lime leaves, kiwi, currants, yarrow, plantain, raw substances thoroughly crushed, mixed, and pour 4 soup spoon mix with stewing water - so as to obtain a paste. When a mix cools down, for 15 minutes applied to the face and neck, Thoroughly wash off with cool h2o.

With the extract of a aloe plant healing home may cook excellent rejuvenating homemade cover. In a porcelain or glass cup mix aloe juice (years 1 tbsp) of olive oil (1 teaspoon), and the mixing is used to the pre-steamed facial skin. Of the 15 minutes, the mask is removed with a damp cloth, and a top cause some - beaten with teaspoonful salt raw egg white, hold for 10 minutes and bath off with hypericum tincture or sage. After the mask is used to the skin food.

A more valuable and nutritious mask is obtained with a ripe banana, yogurt (TWO tablespoon) and honey (1 soup spoon) Yogurt and natural honey mix with mashed pulp banana pulp is applied to the facial skin, hold for 15-20 min and wash off with soft h2o.

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Face covers Raspberry


Very dry skin is well hydrated and fed with a mix of raspberry juice (1 teaspoon) with a raw boiled egg. A person want be greased with fat serum, and put on a mix for 30 minutes. After washing with hot water, It is possible to optionally re-apply the same cream.

For very dry and ordinary skin moisturizing mask fits with about oil (1 teaspoon) and natural milk (1 tbsp.) Add natural butter and milk to boiled egg and raspberries (4-5 pcs.), All well ground and add to oat flour if the mixing is too runny. A cover is applied to the facial skin for 15 minutes so wash with heartwarming and cool aqua.

In rule skin making a similar mask, but the yolk to add to not just raspberry fresh juice (1 teaspoonful), but the like capacity of olive butter and sour cream. Floury if necessary, throw in more barley. Raspberry leaf prepare a broth, and steamed complete him skin, then on 20 minutes put on it a mixing.

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Home face lotion for young skin


For the daily service of female skin prone to inflammation and acne, create helf apply of home-based lotion chamomile. Should pour stewing h2o (200 ml) very dry chamomile flowers (TWO tsp), and boil them for 5-7 minutes on short heating. Of the removing with heat, cooled broth, strain, throw in natural honey (1 teaspoonful), stir and rub the skin TWO-3 times a day. Chamomile may be taken instead of sage.

Dark-brown spots and freckles

Besides acne, acne and inflammation, there are other face conditions - pigmentation, scaling, etc.

If you have along appeared freckles, age spots, then a face and neck should clean your good birch sap - this leaving helps with acne.

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Covers for cleansing dry skin


To cleanse young face to a any minutes a 7 days to make a mask with corn and cheese. Crushed flakes (1 cup) assorted with baking milk (1 spoon), and apply 1 tbsp a mix, stirring it in cool water. Slurry is used to damp facial skin, gently massotherapy 1-TWO min, then keep this mask for some 10 minutes. Removed with a cotton swab, soaking them in cold-blooded water.

Extremely simple version - a mask of drugstore tincture of calendula and common newborn powder - before it was sold in a drugstore. Powder (1 tablespoon) assorted with calendula, make a thick paste and use it on a skin for Fifteen minutes. Removed in the like technique so the previous mask.

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