Mask to lighten face issue


Brighten the complexion with female facial skin will help cover of parsley (TWO soup spoon), the same volume of milk yoghurt and 1 tablespoon Rowan good breeding juice - It is possible to substitute it with grapefruit or cucumber. Parsley want be well crushed, keep the cover on the facial skin Fifteen minutes.

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Acne Cover for female skin


Prevents acne cover with herbs and zinc powderise. Chopped green mint and cilantro (1 spoon) mixed with a some cold aqua, add a zinc powderise, stir and use for 15 minutes on the issue areas. Rinse with cool aqua.

If a face is struck by acne and acne, it is indispensable to create protein-camphor mask: to add to the whipped egg white camphor alcohol (10-15 drops), and a small lemon breeding juice. Apply mask to a facial skin, and hold until very dry. The resulting film is washed off with aqua at room temperature.

Cover with peppermint and starch refreshes and tones female face, giving it a light matte finish. Sweet mint leaves are crushed, pour raw substances (3 tbsp) cups of stewing aqua, cover and leave for Thirty minutes.

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Masks for cleansing young face


To cleanse young facial skin to a some times a 7 days to make a cover with corn and cheese. Crushed flakes (1 cup) mixed with baking soda (1 soup spoon), and use 1 tbsp the mix, stirring it in cool water. Slurry is used to damp skin, gently massotherapy 1-2 minutes, then keep this cover for about the size of 10 min. Removed with a cotton swab, soaking them in coldness h2o.

Extremely simple version - a mask of drugstore tincture of calendula and common baby powderise - earlier it was sold in the drugstore. Powderise (1 spoon) assorted with calendula, do a thick paste and apply it on the skin for Fifteen minutes. Removed in a same technique however the previous mask.

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Cover to lighten skin problem


Brighten a complexion with combination facial skin will help mask of parsley (TWO tablespoons), the same quantity of yoghurt and 1 soup spoon Rowan good juice - It is possible to substitute it with lemon or cucumber. Parsley should be thoroughly crushed, keep the cover on the skin 15 minutes.

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Masks for Skin Rejuvenation


For the making of anti-aging masks with herbs should to take equal parts of lime leaves, cherry, currants, yarrow, plantain, raw materials thoroughly crushed, mix, and pour 4 spoon mixture with stewing aqua - so so to obtain a paste. When the mix cools down, for 15 minutes applied to a facial skin and neck, ablution off with cool aqua.

With a nectar of a aloe plant healing home can cook excellent rejuvenating homemade cover. In a porcelain or glass cup combine aloe extract (years 1 tbsp) of olive butter (1 teaspoon), and the mixture is applied to a pre-steamed face. After 15 minutes, a mask is removed with a damp cloth, and the top cause any - beaten with tsp. Sol raw egg white, hold for 10 minutes and washing off with hypericum tincture or sage. Of the a cover is used to the skin diet food.

A highly valuable and nutritious mask is obtained with a ripe banana, yoghurt (2 soup spoon) and honey (1 tablespoons) Milk yoghurt and honey assorted with mashed pulp medium banana pulp is used to the skin, hold for 15-20 minutes and bath off with soft water.

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Grinding face at home


Of the a therapy the face is red, and tingling felt for any time. Less than one day it all goes away, but a street is good at this time to go, however this cover is helf to do on the weekends. A face can peel off a little for a any times, but it is also - should apply a moisturizer on a facial skin type, but not immediately of the a process.

To address the problems with the face, the mask with concoctions to do any 7 days, for a total of at least 100 times. Of the a few treatments a facial skin becomes lighter, will present natural color, and scars and bumps will be smoothed.

Want not be used for extended bodyagu vessels in a skin, inflammation, irritation, sensitive and thin skin as well does not tolerate such procedures.

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Wrinkles around the skin eyes and crow's feet. Folk remedies and covers of a wrinkles around the eyes and crow's feet


A earliest we possess wrinkles usually appear around a skin eyes, but it does not always mean that a body has started to age. Of course, aging may be and is a organic cause of aging facial skin, but when it comes to a skin around a eyes, very often there are other causes: neglect of themselves, improper care and a apply of poor-grade cosmetics. In such cases, the skin wrinkles around the eyes can appear quite early - of the 25 years, or even earlier.

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