Covers, pores

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Excellent pores mask with eggs white. Protein must be beaten to a froth, add the dry white wine (1 soup spoon), mix and apply a mixing on the face for 10 minutes. Rinse with cold water.

Mature dry skin cleans and dries the mask of eggs white and natural honey (1 tsp.) and flour - murphy or millet. To beaten eggs add to natural honey and mealy to form a paste, which is so applied to a face for 15 minutes.

Eggs whites are often used in covers for female skin. Cover with him and dandelion prevents inflammation and acne. It is required to attentively bruise fresh dandelion leaves, and mix up 3 tbsp mass with beaten eggs. Read more -->

Covers against flaking

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Peeling removes decoction of flax seeds 2 soup spoon seeds with coldness h2o (2 cups) and make until you possess a paste. Then the broth is filtered, cooled and applied to the facial skin, hold for 20 min and wash off with heartwarming water.

If you keep very dry, flaky, pale face and helps mask with mustard oil. Butter - 1 tbsp, mustard - 1 teaspoon, mix up and append a little stewing water, use the mix on your skin for 5 min, so rinse with warm aqua. If a skin is fading, you can just put on facial skin mustard - for 4-5 minutes, and then bath immediately apply a nourishing cream.

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Gentle Lips

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To ever lips were gentle and well-groomed, but it did not lose its natural lovely, it is necessary to competently apply alternate means of purchased with home - these recipes get ever had lots of women, but in our time, forgot around them, and it is in vain.

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Covers, pores

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Excellent pores cover with eggs white. Protein need be beaten to a froth, add a very dry white wine (1 tablespoon), mix up and apply a mixing on your face for 10 minutes. Rinse with coldness h2o.

Mature oily facial skin cleans and dries a mask of eggs white and natural honey (1 tsp) and floury - potatoes or wheat. To beaten egg append natural honey and flour to form a paste, which is then applied to a face for 15 minutes.

Egg whites are ofttimes used in masks for any face. Mask with him and dandelion prevents inflammation and acne. It is indispensable to carefully mash fresh dandelion leaves, and blend 3 tbsp weight with beaten eggs. Read more -->

Face masks Raspberry

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Recommended for aging facial skin mask with raspberries (1 tablespoon), cheese (a same), and honey (1 tsp.) Ingredients mash with a fork until smooth and put on face for 10-Fifteen minutes. Washing off with lukewarm h2o.

Make a similar mask for sensitive facial skin, just put the cheese and honey 1 tsp., and not mix with berries and raspberry juice (2 teaspoonful.) Mixture thickly used to a face, hold for 15 minutes and Thoroughly wash off with cool h2o.

Easy cover for dry facial skin - with raspberry and black bread. Fresh bread crumb crumble and mash with a spoon with a handful of fresh fruits, the mixture is used to the skin, however if rubbing it. After Fifteen minutes, wash with soft water.

Pores mask with the addition of eggs white and grapefruit juice (1 teaspoonful.) They are mix with 1 tbsp mashed into mush raspberries, add a small flour and put on skin for 15 minutes. Washing off with cool water.

Aging female skin will help cover with raspberries and natural honey. Raspberries - 6-7 fruits, natural honey - 1 tsp; pounded ingredients, applied to a facial skin, hold for 10 min and washing off with cool water.

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Covers for cleansing female skin

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To cleanse dry skin to a few times a week to create a mask with oatmeal and milk. Crushed flakes (1 cup) mix with baking kefir (1 soup spoon), and use 1 tbsp the mix, stirring it in cool water. Slurry is applied to damp facial skin, gently massage 1-TWO minutes, then keep this mask for size 10 min. Removed with a cotton swab, soaking them in coldness water.

Very simple version - the mask of drugstore tincture of calendula and common newborn powder - before it was sold in any drugstore. Powder (1 spoon) assorted with calendula, make a thick paste and apply it on a facial skin for 15 minutes. Removed in a same way so a previous mask. Read more -->

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